Single-layer films

Single-layer films


BARS-2 offers BASCO® colour changing and modifying masterbatches for plastic film manufacturers. LDPE and LLDPE-based BASCO® WHITE FILM MASTERBATCHES with up to 70% titanium dioxide are designed for colouring PO films as well as extruded, blown or injection moulded PE and PP products. We offer a range of white film masterbatches in premium and new ‘standard plus’ grade, as well as standard and economy grade for those cases where the price of coloured products is the main priority.

BASCO® STANDARD GRADE LARGE-CAPACITY BLACK FILM MASTERBATCHES contain from 15% to 60% carbon black and are divided into PREMIUM, STANDARD and ECONOMY grades. BASCO® premium grade black film masterbatches are recommended for a wide range of film and extrusion products with the highest quality requirements for the finished product. BASCO® standard grade black film masterbatches are designed for colouring blown or slot-die polyolefin films as well as for polyolefin products made by extrusion, blow moulding or injection moulding.

For colouring products where production costs are the main priority, we offer affordable and high-quality BASCO® black economy grade masterbatches, containing up to 50% carbon black and an antiblock filler.

BASCO® colour film masterbatches are characterised by colour compliance with the required standard, the required proportion, flow, heat resistance, light resistance and dispersion level and provide compatibility of the polymer base to the polymer to be coloured.

BASCO® colour masterbatches are available in standard or customized colours according to international RAL and PANTONE colours or customer’s colour reference, taking into account the operating conditions of the finished products.

We offer a wide range of BASCO® modifiers to solve current process challenges in film production and to give new characteristics and properties to plastic films.

All masterbatches have Customs Union state registration certificates with a scope of application for use in polymeric products in contact with cold and hot foods.

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