Multilayer films

Multilayer films


BARS-2 offers a range of masterbatches for colouring and modifying multilayer films for the food industry.


BASCO® premium snow-white film masterbatches are designed for the colouring of multilayer films and lamination films with an acceptable input of up to 30% without loss of physical and mechanical properties of the films.

BASCO® premium black film masterbatches are designed to make smooth glossy opaque films in deep black colour without the slightest imperfection at minimal dosage.


Sausage casings are polyamide and linear polyethylene-based multilayer films. Currently, the most common are five-layer polyamide casings:

  • The first (outer) layer is polyamide with high mechanical strength and heat resistance, which protects the sausage stuffing from UV rays, fats, microorganisms, gases (O2, N2, CO2, etc.) and odours.
  • The second and fourth layers are adhesive.
  • The third layer is polyethylene, which makes the casing impermeable to steam and moisture.
  • The fifth (inner) layer is bioinert polyamide, which preserves flavour of the sausage and provides high adhesion to the stuffing.

We have designed LDPE, LLDPE and PA based masterbatches for colouring and modifying multilayer polymer films.

Masterbatch input is usually 10 to 20% due to opaque colour and small thickness of layers to be coloured.

Our specialists will help you find the best solution for your needs. Our catalogues contain several thousand standard colours and shades for almost all polymers handled in the industry. We can also develop exclusive colour designs to suit the customer’s reference.

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