Liquid masterbatches​

Liquid masterbatches​


BARS-2 presents liquid masterbatches for colouring a wide range of polymeric materials: PET, PC, PS, PU. We also offer liquid masterbatches for PVC colouring. The masterbatches are highly concentrated dispersions of pigments and dyes in a liquid carrier, which have no effect on the polymer while providing high processing behaviour and maximum colour quality. BASCO® liquid masterbatches have been developed with decades of experience by BARS-2 specialists, taking into account the features of the processing equipment used in the industry.

BASCO® liquid masterbatches offer the following advantages:

  • flexibility in polymer processing methods (injection moulding/extrusion);
  • intense, highly saturated colour with minimum dosage;
  • approval for coloured products in contact with drinking water and foods.

Our company has implemented a multi-stage quality control system for raw materials and finished products. BASCO® liquid masterbatches are made using only the highest quality raw materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. You can rely on our Process Service and get fast advice on all questions regarding the use of BASCO® masterbatches.

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