Cable insulation

Cable insulation


The manufacture of communication cables and wires (fibre optic, coaxial, LAN, telephone) as well as power cables (PVC insulated power cables, PVC insulated high voltage cables, control cables, self-supporting insulated wires) with polyolefin (LDPE, HDPE, polypropylene and their copolymers) and PVC compound insulation imposes high demands on the physical, mechanical and dielectric properties of the polymer insulation.

For colouring polyolefin and PVC insulation, we offer a range of BASCO® pellet pigment masterbatches in standard or custom-made colours.

Our masterbatches for insulation colouring have a very high degree of pigment dispersion, a high migration resistance and good processing behaviour and do not impair the electrical insulation properties of polymer insulation.

The masterbatches have been developed taking into account industry-specific equipment, customer requirements and many years of experience of BARS-2.

BASCO® additive masterbatches are also recommended to improve the cable insulation application process, reduce start-up and ramp-up time, improve surface quality, increase efficiency and reduce the amount of waste.

BASCO® cable masterbatches have been successfully tested at the Russian Research Institute of Cable Industry and are supplied in series to several Russian cable plants, as well as to neighbouring countries.

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