BASCO® P0029/04-PP Melt Flow Rate Modifier


The production of polypropylene goods, especially thin-walled and fiber items, requires a polymer with high melt flow rate. Unfortunately, polypropylene grades with a high MFR are not always available for a number of reasons. In these cases, the issue is to increase the MFR of PP grades that are available.

Scientific and Production Company BARS-2 manufactures a range of melt flow rate modifiers to control MFR while production of disposable PP products. The best solution today is to use BASCO® P0029/04-PP masterbatch. It allows the producer to regulate polymer rheology during processing and control its flow properties. Read more



BASCO® Masterbatches for Recycled Polymer Processing


Scientific and Production Company BARS-2 pays great attention to recycling technologies and the most complete use of the residual life of the polymer waste. In order to promote the development of a closed-loop economy and expand the use of recycled polymers in the industry, the company offers a set of special BASCO® masterbatches to meet the challenge of high-quality products manufacturing from recycled polymers. Read more



BARS-2 Has Developed a New Slip Agent for Films


Scientific and Production Company BARS-2 has developed and is now offering to PO film manufacturers a new permanent slip additive masterbatch BASCO® PF0013/51-LP, which reduces the friction coefficient of the film surface.

The masterbatch is based on linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) with silicone as the main active ingredient. Unlike conventional migrating slip additives (erucamide and oleamide), this additive does not migrate to the surface of the film but is distributed throughout the entire mass of the product. The slip effect of the film is immediate, independent of time and lasts for the entire service life of the product. Read more



BARS-2 Has Developed Masterbatches for Industrial Sorting of Polymer Waste


Automatic sorting equipment can accelerate processing of polymer products and materials by many times compared to manual labor. This method can be especially effective in the production of single-type products in large quantities (bottles, vials, cosmetic containers, etc.).

Equipping the production line with optical polymer recognition systems takes the system to a new level. At the very least, the ability to identify a wide range of materials by their color and chemical composition is worth mentioning. Read more

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