BASCO® Masterbatches for Recycled Polymer Processing


Scientific and Production Company BARS-2 pays great attention to recycling technologies and the most complete use of the residual life of the polymer waste. In order to promote the development of a closed-loop economy and expand the use of recycled polymers in the industry, the company offers a set of special BASCO® masterbatches to meet the challenge of high-quality products manufacturing from recycled polymers.

We offer for processors:

  • BASCO® PF0010 REVTOL® plasticizer for recycled polyolefins and P0020 REVTEN® plasticizer for recycled high impact polystyrene.
  • BASCO® heat stabilizers for recycled polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate and other polymers involved in recycling.
  • BASCO® PF0070/13-SE fragrant agent Apricot for pleasant smell of recycled polyolefin products.
  • BASCO® P0035 desiccant for wet LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS processing.

Концентраты Баско™ для переработки вторичных полимеровPF0010/01-PE REVTOL® is an exclusive development of BARS-2; the complex masterbatch designed to facilitate processing and improve the quality of recycled polyolefin products (HDPE, LDPE, PP and their copolymers, as well as blends or compounds of these polymers). REVTOL® is intended to improve recycled film production but can also be used in injection molding, blow molding and flat sheet extrusion for improving the quality of the final product.

P0020/01-UP REVTEN® is the next step in development of BASCO® processing masterbatches, improving the idea of masterbatches for polymer recycling. REVTEN® improves the processing properties and quality of recycled high impact polystyrene.

Special complex of additives make REVTOL® and REVTEN® solve a range of problems arising in recycled polymer processing: prevent thermal oxidative aging of recycled polymers, facilitate their processing, improve the compatibility of polymer mixtures (for polyolefins) and the quality of the finished products.

BASCO® heat stabilizers are used to protect polymers from degradation while processing. Decomposition of the polymer under high temperature (thermal oxidative degradation), especially in secondary use, causes cross-linking, oxidation and degradation processes. As a result, the polymer becomes unusable due to changes in color, deterioration of strength, appearance of odor.

Undesirable changes can be prevented by adding heat stabilizers (primary and secondary antioxidants) to the polymer, which slow down the thermal degradation and oxidation reactions. Introduction of stabilizers during recycling of secondary raw materials helps to obtain much better quality regranulate.

BASCO® PF0070/13-SE Apricot fragrant agent provides a pleasant smell to the finished products made of recycled polyolefins. It can be used in extrusion and injection molding processing of recycled polyethylene, polypropylene as well as blends of these polymers. BASCO® fragrant agent eliminates unpleasant odors, often occurring during processing of recycled polymers, which improves the perception of finished products at the end user and has a positive effect on the working conditions of the personnel.

BASCO® P0035 desiccant is designed for processing of wet polymers (PE, PP, ABS), usually recycled ones. The active component absorbs moisture in such quantities that makes it possible to adjust and stabilize the processing and obtain a high enough quality product (film, tape, pipe or casting) even if the initial secondary raw material is very wet.

We promote responsible consumption and recycling in the polymer processing industry. BARS-2 is committed to solutions development that meets the demands of businesses connected with recycled plastics processing. This is important for growth and the well-being of our planet!

If your production involves recycled polymers processing, BASCO® recycling masterbatches are your must-have choice!

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