BASCO® white masterbatches

BASCO® white masterbatches


BASCO® white masterbatches are devided into three basic groups – «premium», containing 60-70% of imported titanium dioxide, «standard» – with 50-70% of titanium dioxide, as well as «economy» grade, where a mixture of titanium dioxide and fine-dispersed calcium carbonate is used as a pigment.

White film masterbatches with titanium dioxide content up to 75% are designed for coloring of polyolefin films as well as PE and PP goods produced by extrusion, blow molding or injection molding based on LDPE or LLDPE. We have developed a new group of «premium» snow white film masterbatches, which are designed for coloring of multilayer films and lamination films with allowed dosing of up to 30% without loss of physical and mechanical properties of films.

We also offer universal grades of «standard» snow white masterbatches and inexpensive «economy» grades for coloring of LDPE and HDPE packaging, as well as molded and blown polyolefin products. Snow white masterbatches for films coloring contain from 0.9 to 2.5% of slip additive(oleamide or erucamide), which reduces friction coefficient of finished films to 0.1- 0.2 and makes them glossy.

White polystyrene masterbatches for coloring of injection moulded and extruded polystyrene plastics: GPPS, HIPS, SAN and ABS are produced on GPPS and HIPS polymer base and contain 40-70% of titanium dioxide.

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