HDPE and PP pipe extrusion​

HDPE and PP pipe extrusion​


Light stabilisation of polyolefin pipes requires black masterbatches: premium grade masterbatches for pressure and gas pipes and economy grade masterbatches for non-pressure pipes (sewerage, irrigation, drainage, technical pipes, etc.). White masterbatches are used for colouring building pipes; colour masterbatches are used for applying marking stripes on black pipes.

BASCO® standard grade black masterbatches for light stabilisation of water pressure pipes are made of linear low-density polyethylene and 30-50% carbon black. Its composition and high quality allow up to 7% of masterbatch to be added to PE100 without any loss of strength.

Non-pressure pipe colouring and light stabilisation involves economy grade black masterbatches containing 15-30% carbon black and fine calcium carbonate.

BASCO® white masterbatches, which are recommended for colouring HDPE and PP copolymer pipes, contain 50-60% high-grade titanium dioxide.

LDPE and LLDPE-based BASCO® coloured masterbatches are used for applying marking stripes to pipes by coextrusion.

BASCO® processing aids

For purging during colour change, we offer CLEANOL® purging masterbatch

For reduction of start-up and ramp-up time and odour inside the product, we offer heat stabiliser masterbatch (stop-MB)

For improved surface quality, higher output and reduced waste, we offer polymer processing aids or EXTRUDEN®complex of additives.

All raw materials for our masterbatches are approved for use in food contact products and have disease control and prevention approvals.

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