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BASCO™ products


The BASCO® product assortment includes white, black, color and additive masterbatches for film extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, sheets, fibers etc.

Our masterbatches and additives are based on different types of thermoplastic polymers (PE, PP, HIPS, PA, PET, PVC and so on) and produced using high-quality raw materials and advanced technologies.

White masterbatches

The assortment of BASCO® white masterbatches is offered for any application: thin and multilayer films extrusion, injection and blow molding. They contain from 40 to 70% of titanium dioxide and could contain any fillers and additives.

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Black masterbatches

The wide range of BASCO® black masterbatches are based on different polymer types for any process and contain from 20 to 50% of high quality carbon black and could contain fillers. Download brochure



Color masterbatches

During 28 years of experience a huge color base of masterbatches was created and today it counts over 10 000 shades. We can offer colors by RAL or Pantone catalogues or provide the color matching services in accordance with customers’ requirements.



Additive masterbatches

Over 100 different BASCO® additive masterbatches such as antistatic, slip, antiblock and processing agents, UV stabilizers and others are produced to provide our customers with the best quality and performance of the final products. Download brochure

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